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From NCEA exams and Tertiary Education to the basic building blocks in Primary School, EducateNZ has you covered with personalised learning, progression tracking and commitment to success.

Speak to one of our Tutors and learn how EducateNZ can accelerate achievement  and build the foundation for excellence

Hi. I’m Steve Cornelius

During my time as an educator with over 30+ years’ experience, I have been a classroom teacher, a Principal of three Schools and the Manager of Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.

I work currently out of a Red Beach Primary School providing direct maths tutoring for students who need that extra learning to boost maths progress and confidence. I have been having a great deal of success in improving maths achievement levels for students. One of my independent on-line students (who does not see me directly), has progressed her maths achievement level nearly 3 years in 21 months and is now achieving above her Actual Age in Math.

I am able to support students through ‘live video feed’ when they have a particular ‘struggle/frustration’ in math. Parents have found this very useful preventing many family math conflicts.

If I was to be asked what my biggest takeaway would be when teaching/tutoring students it would be:

“My biggest thrill is to see the smile on a student’s face when they have succeeded at something they thought was impossible.”

Chè (Chèlize) was struggling when she first started school, with reading and maths. I tried to get extra help for her with the school maths program, but found I could not sustain the cost. Plus it was only for an extra 1 hour per week. It really got so bad that Chè was missing out on her lunch? She was told to stay in class to finish what she had not completed. Chè was easily distracted in class, and thought if it was too hard, she would just ignore it, especially as she saw how easy her friends would understand it?

Steve saw how Chè was struggling and spoke to me about the daily on-line maths program he tutors to children. This was the best thing that ever happened to Chè. At last there was a kind person who had the time, and the understanding who could explain where she was having difficulty. The one to one skype sessions have been totally invaluable. Chè has been able to put her learning into practice and speak to Steve “IF” she needed clarification on something. All of a sudden the maths learning was starting to be fun, as she got more and more correct answers.

From a below average, very shy and quiet person, Chè has now gained so much more confidence in herself. She can see the results of doing her work daily, and it makes her strive to get better, and collect more stickers in her book.

Chè just had her school learning led conference last week, (year 7). And even to our surprise, her maths teacher said that Chè is at the standard, that she is expected to reach at the end of this year. J So she is ahead of herself!

This would not have happened, had we not put her through the EducateMaths program!

I would recommend this to ANYONE who is finding things difficult. The learning sessions are so great that the children feel as if they are playing games on the computer? All the time, their brain has to work things out, and repeat until its understood. The weekly reports keep everyone up to date on progress, and shows in which area a little extra help is needed.

Thank you so much, Steve, without your support and guidance, I think Chè would still be struggling in the bottom of her class? We will definitely keep our daily sessions going for as long as she needs.

Vera Howe.

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Christina WalkerChristina Walker

This is a highly professional and effective tutoring organisation. The combination of the online learning applications and individual tuition has worked wonders for my son's maths; he has gone from "struggling" to achieving excellence results in the three years he has been with educatenz. Highly recommended for any kids who need a little extra help

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Simon KingsburySimon Kingsbury

Steve is a great tutor, and our son Pierce has advanced well and learned a lot! I think Steve's special gift is his ability to also make the lesson fun and turn a sometimes grumpy 6 year old boy into a happy one, no matter his attitude when he arrives, he always leaves happy and proud of himself.

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Kate ÉquestreKate Équestre

Dan has completed the last test for this term and I'm thrilled with the outcome - not only with the progress that's been made and his advancement and ability with numbers, but with his growing interest and self-motivation in numerical matters. EducateMaths has provided him with this springboard and fot this I thank you Paul.

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Leora BergerLeora Berger

Thanks Steve for all your work getting my sons maths age up. As a busy mum the last thing I want to do is argue about homework and learning. Educate Maths has one on one personal training once a week plus at home online tutorials. This has taken a lot of pressure of me and i can see what's been done. We definately wouldn't be where we are now if it weren't for Educate Maths. Added bonus - the time tracker. No other device time until xx minutes done - so easy to monitor the learning.

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Sharon TurnerSharon Turner

We have tried different kinds of math tuition for our daughter but this is definitely the one that is working best for us. It's a very transparent program that shows you exactly where you are at and Steve is great with our daughter when she does the online tuition.

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Solvej HughesSolvej Hughes

Our daughter, who is currently in year 6, had many fundamental gaps in her maths knowledge and didn’t like maths.

We were very fortunate to find Steve Cornelius who helped her a lot with his online maths program, his patience and kindness.

She now is so much more confident, has caught up with many different maths topics and most importantly finds maths homework fun.

She’s ready for college now thanks to Steve.

We can highly recommend him!


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